Digital Identity.

Demand for clean mining is increasing. Driven by consumer and regulatory demand, the mining and metals industry faces challenges to evolve existing processes to meet these regulations. These changes will require revolutionary solutions that enable compliance, add value, and can be deployed efficiently and effectively without lengthy implementation times.

We believe that the key is to improve access to the data at the source, breaking down the silos between departments and organizations, increasing collaboration and the control and validity of data.

Karuschain is bringing trust and transparency to mining.

We are developing a secure, shared, and decentralized source of data that allows for the robust verification of ownership, and traceable history of versions of disparate data such as spatial datasets and dense descriptive data.

We are empowering organizations to share metadata, leading to faster outcomes and more collaboration by streamlining the process to find, share and secure information.

Our team includes a talented group of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers that hold a common passion and desire to reimagine communication within the mining and metals industry.

We believe that bringing together the lessons learned from global projects, and industries such as retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, and information security provides an outsiders perspective that will disrupt the status quo.

As part of the Global Frontier Group we are applying these ideas to the development of a revolutionary mining project with Northwest Metals. The project is an exceptional precious metals mining initiative leading the development of new green technologies to revolutionize the environmental footprint of gold mining.

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